Operations Coordinator

Born with a heart of rebellion and the eldest in my family, the Lord radically turned my life right-side up as He proved Himself as our Healer at the birth of our only child some 45 years ago. I’m testimony to the fact the Lord takes the broken, strong-willed, and wild at heart to show His majesty as He creates within them a new heart of flesh like His. Isn’t that a miracle? If the Lord God Almighty can do that for me, I know that every single person has the same opportunity to know the matchless, saving grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Lord has gifted me with administration. I have a couple of A.A.s in computers, B.A. in Christian Ministries, and a M.A. in Business with a Project Management emphasis. However, it is my wonderful husband, Ernie, who taught me how to pray, love people and care for the needs of the Church. We had the special privilege of pastoring about 25 years ago for 10 years, during which time we pioneered two small, rural churches and worked with other evangelists and church planters.

We moved here from Colorado Springs after serving 15 years at Focus on the Family in IT (Computer Operations, Programming, Projects, Management) and Marketing (Donor Management, Data & Business Analysis, etc.). It was a gracious privilege to have served at Focus on the Family for those years.

It is the funniest thing that I’ve spent all of my business career making decisions, finishing projects, and making sure things were done completely and correctly, yet under budget. However, when I see the Lord face-to-face, I know that He is not going to ask my how many lines of code I changed for Y2K, how many programs I could get into production, how many technical articles and documents I wrote, how big or small my team, nor how much money I saved or made for any ministry. I believe He’s going to ask me if I cared enough about my friends, family, and neighbors (near and far away) to consistently share with them the saving and life-changing, message of Christ Jesus.

After arriving in East Texas around Christmas 2011, we walked through the CCF doors and have made this our church home ever since. The Lord has been most gracious in this season of life to allow us to meet such a precious and caring family. Thank you for your consistent, non-judging love and grace. We are thankful to serve here.

P.S. – Dawn Trigueiro is our only daughter and the rest of that story is our delight. My grandkids call me “Oma”.

Book: The only book I get read is the Word of God. With all of the gifted readers here at CCF, I’m glad you challenge me. Quite honestly, I made it through most of life with Cliff Notes and synopses. When I do casual reading, it’s usually a missions biography or something about church history.
Food: I like protein, coffee, & eat lots of salad greens.
Movie: I don’t watch much TV nor movies, except to sit down with my husband and listen to the news. (War Room, which I loved, will be a Christian classic and do appreciate each of the movies by the Kendrick brothers.)
Time of Day: I’m not fond of sleeping; so, I simply like any time when I’m awake.
Season: Every season of life is beautiful. However, I am certainly looking forward with great anticipation to this season. I believe the Lord has a great move for us in our midst. Forty years ago we experienced a wave of revival in our rural, home area in NE Iowa. The Lord united churches, called many into full-time ministry, and taught us to believe & trust Him for the impossible. But, I don’t think that will even hold a candle to what He has for us in this season. For me it’s a clarion call to run with all of my strength after Him and pass the torch well. I have no intent of anything less than my best for Him.
Place in the World: Although I asked Jesus when I was very little if I could be a missionary and would go anywhere; for right now, I am most content in East Texas in our humble home.
Scripture: Our life verse is Galatians 5:1. AMP reads, “It was for this freedom that Christ set us free [completely liberating us]; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery [which you once removed].”
Saying/Motto: “No Reserves. No Retreat. No Regret.” For the entire story, see
Musical Artist: My grandchildren.
Other Things:
1. We are blessed to have David & LuAnn as our pastors! Running the race is a delight with them in the lead.
2. I’ve posted on Facebook every day for about 5 years as I encourage folks to read their Bible. (See Please come and visit any time.
3. My adrenaline flows when I sit down at the computer. It’s just the way the Lord made me. There’s always some project/task that needs to get done. It is my joy to detail out and implement the plans of the godly visionaries (Ex 31:1, 2; 36:1).
4. It is a special honor to serve the ladies at Bible Study under LuAnn’s guidance now for 3 years. The Lord has been so very faithful as ladies have come together to pray, grow in God’s Word, and watch the Lord Jesus move.

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