CCF Missionary Update & Prayer Requests

Thank you for filling out this form to help the CCF Missions Committee be informed about how you and your ministry are doing and how we can be in prayer for you.

Please submit this form within four days of the next Missions Committee meeting (normally the 2nd Monday evening of each month).

    BRIEF Ministry & Personal Update/Overview + Praise Reports.
    Please give us a brief ministry overview & praise reports from the last month and include any obstacles you may have encountered.

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    Top 3 or 4 Prayer Requests.
    Prayer Requests: Prayer is very important to us. Please provide the top 3 or 4 prayer requests, so that we can pray for you effectively. PLEASE number them to separate the prayer requests. If you have additional prayer needs or need more space, please email Roland at and he’ll pass it along to the Missions Committee for special/additional prayer.

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    OPTIONAL: "Not to be Published" SPECIAL Prayer Requests.
    If you have a SPECIAL or IMPORTANT prayer request or information you prefer be kept in-house, feel free to enter it here, but please don't use this space as an overflow of the previous.

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    Ministry Days
    Please give an account for your time this past month. Should your active missionary status change, please inform the missions committee right away. CCF allows one month (31 days) inactive duty (vacation, fundraising, etc.) per year. Except in extenuating circumstances, monthly support will be withheld beyond that time until full-time service is resumed.
    Please enter a number from 0 to 31.

    Vacation/Time Off/Fundraising Days
    Vacation/Time Off/Fundraising Days (not including weekends or normal weekly days off)*: How many days did you spend vacationing, taking workdays off, or personal fundraising this month AND where were you? (report this in your update above). Missionaries should be held to the same work ethics as full-time workers who support them financially, so this measure is to keep you accountable before God & man. [* For the record, most full-time workers receive LESS than one month paid vacation each year]
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    How are you doing?
    How are you doing? (check as many items as apply)