Early Childhood Coordinator

Having been raised at Texas Baptist Children’s Home in Round Rock, Texas, from the time I was 6 years old until I graduated from high school, I was in church every time the church door opened.  While sitting in a service at the age of 8, I remember the missionary talking about how much Jesus loved me and went to a cross and was crucified so I could be forgiven of my sins.  He spoke about how Jesus wanted a relationship with me that would last a life-time and into eternity. He said that Jesus would “never leave me or forsake me.” As a child who had suffered a lot of rejection, neglect, and loss, the thought of Jesus loving me and always being “constant” in my life, I found myself stepping out from my seat and making my way quickly to the altar to surrender my heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am so thankful that God has remained “constant” in my life, because no matter what life has thrown at me, or choices I’ve made that cost me dearly, He has always been with me.

I’ve been part of Community Christian Fellowship (CCF) since 2011. Years ago I was the Administrative  Secretary here at CCF for 3-4 years, when my main role was communication. Being part of this team has been and continues to be a great joy!

Other tidbits that you might like to know are:

  • Worked at David Wilkerson’s World Challenge for over 30 years (Missions, Prayer Counselor, Accounting)
  • Officer of  Right to Life of East Texas, Smith Co Chapter, with the hope & prayer of spreading the truth that all of life is sacred and begins at conception.
  • Love worshipping, having lead worship in several church settings. Enjoy sitting at my keyboard, playing and singing unto the Lord. He has given me some beautiful worship songs to sing back to Him. Now I mentor my son as he leads worship at a nearby church.
  • Minister to women in abusive relationships, and as the Lord opens doors for me from time to time, at which time I continue to be a voice of how much these women are loved and cherished by God,  teaching them of “their identity in Christ.”  We are the daughters of a Holy God, who cares deeply about us.
  • Whether enjoying it with a cup of coffee or hiking, I love the outdoors.

The thing that I want you to remember that as I take care of your children (toddlers through pre-Kindergarten), is that we count it a joy and privilege to be able to instill the Word of God in these precious little ones through Bible stories, worship, prayer, crafts and games. We desire this time to be a time they will look back on when they are adults and say, “I remember being in class and hearing how Jesus “loved me, and would always be with me.”