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We are very blessed at CCF to have so many among us with so many talents.  One of the expressions of those talents is members who have written a book.  Take some time to browse around and enjoy books by people that you see every Sunday! And, there’s more to come! Thank you for supporting your local authors!

NOTE:  CCF cannot endorse any author or book.  Review and make your decisions based on your personal preferences.  


Shirley Alman“He’s Your God, Too! Igniting a Global Youth Movement”

Igniting a Global Youth Movement

A couple’s joyful obedience launches thousands of young Latinos into the nations.
By Shirley Alman

This book is a monument to the faithfulness of God. It narrates the true stories of heroic young Latin-Americans whose lives were transformed by God, and who stepped out in faith to take His Gospel around the globe. Their story begins with a young American couple, who also left their home in joyful obedience to God, and touched thousands of lives as ambassadors for Jesus.

SHIRLEY ALMAN and her late husband, WEDGE, served as International Directors of Youth With A Mission Hispanic Ministries for decades. Their passion for training and mobilizing Latin American missionaries has taken them to sixty nations on six continents where they have trained thousands of young people who are amazing proof that God continues to work today.

Both the Paperback and Kindle versions are available on Amazon.com – CLICK HERE.


David DeFebbo –“The Prodigal God”

The Prodigal God
by David DeFebbo

Not a theological view, but a continual journey experiencing the truth of a living, loving heavenly Father who has always and will forever reveal himself to any and all who will look to see Him!


Sandra Devisscher“Door of Hope: A Story of Overcoming Despair”

Door of Hope: A Story of Overcoming Despair

by Sandra Devisscher

As a newlywed, I balanced precariously on a ledge of hopelessness, caught between life and death. Three days after my new husband Roy and I returned from our honeymoon, I was diagnosed with a rare blood disease, for which there was no known cause nor cure. Not only did I battle the illness, but the enemy of my soul deceived me into believing I had turned my back on God. I withdrew from my husband, from others, and from the Lord. I even planned to end my life.

Over the next months, God kept me alive and fought for me. Roy and my friends held on to faith for me. Jesus healed my spirit and taught me how to fight the enemy of my soul. He opened a door of hope that changed everything!

The reasons each of us battle deception, condemnation, or depression may differ, but the truth of who God is, how He views each of us, and His ability to reach us is the same. This is my story of finding His way off that perilous ledge.

“I am grateful to my friend Sandy Devisscher for her radical openness and honesty about her own journey through deep waters. . . This book exposes one of the enemy’s most effective and devastating strategies against fulfillment in life and ministry.”
Dean Sherman, Global elder and Bible teacher, Youth With A Mission

This book is available for purchase from Sandra Devisscher directly or from Amazon.com – CLICK HERE
You may contact the author at sandykdev@gmail.com.

Sonny Jaynes –The Bridge Builder: Life Of An Ordinary Man.”

The Bridge Builder: Life Of An Ordinary Man 
by Sonny Jaynes 

The inspirational true story of a third generation dock worker who learned the meaning of life when he surrendered his life to Christ. Sonny Jaynes considers himself an ordinary man, but serves an extraordinary God.

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Chris Lascelles –“20/20 Vision for America”

A Must-Read for America in 2020
As the nation hangs in the balance, 20/20 Vision for America reveals the proven strategy to bring divine favor into the chaos of America’s cultural storm, and the current national health crisis.

At this critical moment in history, the pressure is on for America to become “just like all other nations.” Yet America was born as an outlier, an exception to the norm—a place nothing like all other nations!

How did America discover the secret to groundbreaking uniqueness? Why was America entrusted with an unprecedented expansion of liberty, opportunity, and prosperity? Do we still have the faith, courage, and character to look over the horizon and see what others cannot? 20/20 Vision For America provokes a new generation to answer these questions, and to lead America through the 21st century.

In this book you will discover:

* The costly victories which paved the way for America’s emergence—and why we must remember them today.

*The global, multi-generational vision that undergirds America’s purpose.

*An understanding of how to properly deal with the flaws in America’s past.

*How to apply powerful ideas that our forefathers understood—ideas which led to extraordinary divine favor.

Together, we can rediscover and fulfill the purpose that truly makes America great.

20/20 Vision for America can be purchased at 2020vfa.com

Judy LeBlanc –I AM THAT I AM” and “Theology 101”

I AM THAT I AM, Tracing the Footprints of God is a book that you’ve always wanted to have in your library but could never find. I AM THAT I AM provides a biblically based, theologically sound narration of all eight covenants of God-presents main themes and summaries of over forty-five of Jesus’ timeless parables-describes over fifty supernatural miracles that God executed through the hands of Jesus-and traces over fifty divine names and titles reflecting different facets of God’s nature, character, and personality. The captivating pages offer commentaries by over seventy-five renowned bible scholars, includes archaeological images of recent excavation findings of biblical events, and historical illustrations and map images showing relevance to contemporary locations-all uniquely woven into one convenient reader-friendly volume

Theology 101 in Bite-Size Pieces: A Bird’s Eye View of the Riches of Divine Grace.  The word theology tends to lead people to think that it is only meant for seminarian scholars; however, the word speaks for itself by the sole definition meaning “the study of Gods Word.” This book takes a fresh look at the nature of God’s Power, Character and Love, and what the finished work of Christ meant to the world in bite size portions. It offers scripturally based truths of some of the riches of His Divine Grace that include answers to thought provoking questions such as what is predestination; who are the chosen; the called, and the elect. The author uses everyday language to explain what it means to be justified, reconciled, forgiven and offers a clear explanation of why practicing merited grace contradicts Christ’s finished work on the cross.

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Rebecca Pratt“Inspired to Action: How following the promptings of your heart can change the world.”

 Inspired to Action: How following the promptings of your heart can change the world 
by Rebecca Pratt

Join Rebecca Pratt on her journey though Africa, Central America, and the United States. You will be swept into the lives of the hurting and suffering around the world. Experience the redemptive power of Christ through the stories of Rebecca and others choosing to be Jesus’ hands and feet. Her story begins in Africa with the plight of dying orphans. She is faced with some unbelievable decisions that will change the outcome of hundreds of children’s lives. Rebecca shares in a way that both educates and inspires you to live outside of yourself in partnership with God for the sake of others. You will be challenged in your own walk with God and in your service to those around you who are suffering. Rebecca’s stories will leave you inspired – inspired to action. You will not be the same after reading this book.

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Greg Seager“When Healthcare Hurts: An Evidence Based Guide For Best Practices In Global Health Initiatives.”

When Healthcare Hurts: An Evidence Based Guide For Best Practices In Global Health Initiatives Paperback
by Greg Seager

Any and all proceeds from this book are used to support the work of Christian Health Service Corps missionaries serving in hospitals and health programs around the world.

When Healthcare Hurts is the first book to look seriously at the challenges of patient safety and developmental safety in global health missions, and it defines evidence based guidelines through which these issues can be addressed. Greg holds a Masters in Nursing/ Healthcare Leadership and Management from The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. His graduate thesis project was on patient safety in global health and he serves as adjunct faculty in the nursing programs at Indiana Wesleyan University and King University. Greg is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for the Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC),the only mission organization that specializes in sending healthcare professionals as long-term missionaries. CHSC has a growing full-time staff in 14 countries around the world. Greg is part of the international working group on best practices in healthcare missions. He also serves as a founding board member for the Center for the Study of Health in Missions.

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