Winebark-Ken_cr_272x200TRUE HOPE

By Ken Winebark

As a child, growing up in the church, one of my favorite hymns was “My Hope Is Built”. As Pastor David has been concentrating on Hope in his messages, the Holy Spirit has brought it back to my mind. It starts like this:

My Hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus blood and righteousness.
I dare not trust the sweetest frame
But wholly trust in Jesus Name.

As it played through my mind, I sensed Jesus saying,

“I came to provide Hope! Hope to a sinful and lost world. There is no Hope except through Me. Hope is truly built on nothing less than My blood and righteousness!”

How true that is. Hope only comes through Jesus’ blood and His righteousness. Jesus’ blood is the easy part – at least for us. His blood! His life! He is offering us the only true Hope in this world.

The hard part is the righteousness. His righteousness provides it but it’s our righteousness that secures our Hope. It’s the part that we play to truly realize the Hope that stands before you and me. Righteousness is doing it. It is doing or conforming to that which is right; that which is just; that which is honorable.

Hope is available to all. At all times. But it only abounds in righteousness, in right situations. Where darkness abounds, Hope cannot be seen. When things are gray, Hope is clouded. It only becomes clear when things are correct, just, honorable and upright. Or, in other words, when things are in order or in alignment with God’s intentions, with His Word!

Are you looking for Hope? Then you must believe that God’s word is unchanging. That His grace is unchanging and sufficient. You must believe that His oath, His covenant, His blood are true and are your support and strength in the challenging times we face. That they are for you! It’s that unfailing belief and trust in Jesus Christ that will maintain you when the storms come – when the winds blow – when the flood waters rise and all around you gives way. It’s then that you will be confident that you are standing on the solid rock, Jesus Christ. He is our HOPE! And when the trumpet sounds, in Him we will be found – our Hope of glory!

At CCF we believe in God, the Father; the Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We believe His word is true and unchanging yesterday, today and forever! That it is applicable in all situations. We believe that TRUE HOPE is only available through relationship with Jesus Christ and striving to live righteously according to His plan, His word! We trust in the name of Jesus and stand on Christ the solid rock!


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