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Discipleship begins at Home Conference

Save the date! September 16 & 17

CCF will be hosting Discipleship Begins at Home Conference on Sept. 16 (7 PM – 9:30 PM) & Sept. 17 (9 AM – 2:30 PM). Who is discipling your child? This important two-day conference aims to help parents, caregivers, churches, and teachers create a plan of biblical discipleship and growth for the children in their care. Throughout six sessions, we will equip you to address false ideologies children are exposed to in our culture such as identity, sexuality, and more!

Through Women in Apologetics streamed events, the featured speakers will be Pastor Jeremy Bannister from The Next Generation Ministries, Elizabeth Urbanowicz from Foundation Worldview, and Lindsey Medenwaldt and Amy Davison from Mama Bear Apologetics!

Register at home.ccflindale.org

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