Did you want to listen to a session again?

We had a great teaching time with Alex & Jason during the Stand Strong Tour this past weekend.  Here are some of the sessions you enjoyed, so that you can re-listen to them. Enjoy!  As we receive additional materials, including session notes, we will also post them here.

Stand Strong Tour – Apologetics (Fri)

Stand Strong Tour – Atheism (Fri)

Atheism – Notes

Stand Strong Tour – Jason & Alex (Sat)

Stand Strong Tour – Jason (Sat)

Stand Strong Tour – Alex (Sat)

Stand Strong Tour – Alex (Sat)

Stand Strong Tour – Jason – I’m Confused

I’m Confused – Notes

Stand Strong Tour – Jason – What Should I Do

What Should I Do – Notes

Stand Strong Tour – Alex – Can I Trust the Bible

Stand Strong Tour – Jason – Parenting

Stand Strong Tour – Jason & Alex – Islam


————————————————-THE CCF STAND STRONG TOUR IS DONE————————————————

————————————————-THE CCF STAND STRONG TOUR IS DONE————————————————

Stand Strong Tour

This body of believers is turning into the storm—reaching in to equip and encourage each other so we can reach out and engage the culture. CCF is hosting the Stand Strong conference with Alex McFarland and Jason Jimenez on Friday, Oct. 14th at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday, Oct. 15th at 9:00 a.m. This event is free and all ages are invited!

Topics will include: War of the Worldviews, Answering Atheists and Skeptics, Toughest Questions Kids Ask About God and Christianity, The Marketplace, Sexual Identity & The Gay Gospel, and more!

There will also be a special women’s event on Saturday night at 6:30 pm, at the Lindale Library. Topics will include The Raging War of Ideas and Leaving a Legacy.  Then, be sure to join us on Sunday morning at 8:15 am, 9:45 am, & 11 am for three final special sessions: Can I Be Certain the Bible is Really True? Stress Less: Parenting – The Most Dangerous Job on Earth. And, A Christian Response to Islam

CLICK HERE to get your event flyer (pdf). CLICK HERE to get your Event Schedule.

Stand Strong

EMBOLDEN Christians to stand strong for Christ. EQUIP Christians with a biblical worldview to know and defend the faith. ENGAGE lives lost in the culture with the truth of Christ.


alexmcfarland.com1Alex McFarland is a speaker, writer and advocate for Christian apologetics. He serves as director of the Center for Christian Worldview and Apologetics at North Greenville University, a leading Christian college in the United States. He has spoken in hundreds of locations throughout North America and internationally and has preached in more than 1,300 churches. Alex has been featured at some of the nation’s biggest Christian events and conferences. Alex is the author of several books, including the best-selling 10 Most Common Objections to Christianity.

Jason-Jiminez-close-UpJason Jimenez is a pastor, apologist and national speaker who has ministered to families for over fifteen years. In his extensive ministry career, Jason has been a Children’s, Student, and College Pastor, and has spent a great deal of time investing in marriages, families, and helping churches have greater impact in their communities. He is the founder and president of Stand Strong Ministries, whose mission is to advance Christians to live out a biblical worldview. His ministry has received praise from some of the world’s greatest Christian leaders (Ravi Zacharias, Norman Geisler, and Josh McDowell). Jason is the author of The Raging War of Ideas: How to Take Back Our Faith, Family, and Country, The Raging War of Ideas Study Guide, and coauthored with Dr. Norman Geisler, The Official Study Guide to I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist, and The Bible’s Answers to 100 of Life’s Biggest Questions published by Baker Books. Jason has been married to Celia since 2001. They have four beautiful children.

CLICK HERE to get your event flyer (pdf). CLICK HERE to get your Event Schedule.