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What has God done here in Garden Valley, along this Highway 110 N Corridor? On both sides of Texas Highway 110 North of Interstate 20 sit hundreds of acres that for more than 40 years have served as the headquarters for nationally and internationally known Christian ministries.

When they moved in decades ago near the community of Garden Valley, about 9 miles west of Lindale, they were looking for a quiet place to practice their faith and grow their ministries.

The landscape around them has changed – chain restaurants and retail options now dot the once rural stretch of I-20 and Lindale is on the cusp of explosive growth. But, the mission hasn’t changed, even if new ministries have replaced the old. 

Today, some of them are household names, such as Mercy Ships, Youth With A Mission and Living Alternatives; but, decades ago it was David Wilkerson, Keith Green and his Last Days Ministries and Agape Force.

We are a people called to Garden Valley. It’s quite an unusual phenomenon as we look at God’s Word and find that God Himself called out a people to go to a particular place, even fight for it.  Let’s consider what God has done here.

We will be reminded of our ROOTS (past & present) …
This place we know as Garden Valley has a calling, both a “people/ministry” calling and a “place” calling. Who are we? What is this place we call Garden Valley? What did God do? How did He call a people here?

We will be reminded of RELATIONSHIPS (past & present) …
God calls a people to a place. He says build relationships (be transparent, real, honest ..) in this place. Seek the Lord together!

We will talk about REVIVAL (past & present) …
Yes, mighty things have happened in this place. But, why do we study prayer? Why study history?
… We pray and study because God is NOT done with Garden Valley!

As much as I enjoy knowing God and all that He did in the past …
I’m looking to the Lord for a fresh move of God. I believe Him for the future and do believe our prayers (past & present) make a difference. 

Yes, there are unfulfilled prayers of the past have yet to be birthed. But, yet there’s so much more! Out of a love relationship with our Sweet Lord and Savior, Jesus, are we ready to take the challenge and pray purposefully for yet another portion of revival in this land? Our challenge, a wooing of the Holy Spirit, is to release within each of our lives unbridled prayer for another touch for our personal lives and for Garden Valley. The Lord still has great things in store!

The Timeline & Article was written June 26, 2016, by Emily Guevara in the Tyler Morning Telegraph. The two short videos are examples of the prophetic word spoken over Garden Valley some time ago.



Week 1: 7/10-7/11


Robert Morris & The PURPOSE of Prayer


Garden Valley History: WILKERSON 


Garden Valley History: RAVENHILL



Week 2: 7/17-7/18 


Robert Morris & The PERSON of Prayer


Garden Valley History: AGAPE FORCE


Additional Notes:

  • Jan Koeshall mentioned, “[In 1958 or 1959] I went to High School with kids whose parents worked with Leonard Ravenhill, age 52, or were students when he taught at Bethany Fellowship in Minneapolis.  I remember him being spoken about quite a bit.  I never met him personally.  But, the kids from there were my best friends.”