Spiritual Roots of Disease & Life's Issues

The Lord has used several ministries in my life to cause a paradigm shift in my understanding of the Word of God pertaining to healing and freedom from various life issues. Those include Henry Wright ("Be In Health" in Georgia), Art Mathias ("Wellspring Ministries of Alaska") and Thurman Scriver ("The Living Savior Ministries" near Ft. Worth, Texas). I have experienced several miraculous physical healings in my own life over the past several years--and I've seen others healed of incurable diseases as well--by dealing with life's common issues (fear, bitterness, rejection, etc.). Most of the time getting the root issues out of the way enables our immune system to do its job in healing the body without traditional medical attention.

Below are some links to various audio & video clips and messages to give you an introduction to the "spiritual roots of disease" and how to appropriate God's promises in your life and others.

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"Be In Health" -- Henry Wright
Be In Health Conference (link to part 1 of 10 on YouTube)
(or directly from the Be In Health website)
Healing Seminar (Toronto, CA; link to part 1 of 2 on YouTube)
Sid Roth TV interview with Henry Wright (April 2006 video)

Sid Roth TV interview with Henry Wright (Jan. 2002 video)
28 mins, 20 MB, RealPlayer format

"Insights into Cancer" by Henry Wright
1:46; 19 MB, low-bitrate MP3
"8 R's to Freedom" by Henry Wright
67 mins.; 16 MB, MP3


"Wellspring Ministries" - Dr. Art Mathias
Sid Roth TV interview with Art Mathias (Nov. 2009)
"Biblical Foundations of Freedom" (book by Art Mathias)


"The Living Savior Ministries" -- Thurman Scrivner
Free streaming/downloading of Thurman's messages
Sid Roth Interview with Thurman Scrivner
about his granddaughter's miraculous healing
Healing School Session: "Bazookas in the Spirit" (2013)
"How to Get a Lost Person Saved"
A powerful message about spiritual warfare strategies to open the eyes of the lost;
given at a Bill Gothard conference
Divine Healing of a Marriage (plus two children physically healed!)


Overcoming Strongholds Seminar
by Trey & LeAnn Sewell
(Teachings based on Henry Wright's material, taught at CCF, Garden Valley, Texas)


The Potter's Work - God's Process of Sanctification
A teaching and testimony of healing by Roland Heddins

[Audio Message in Spanish given at Nuestra Roca church in Lima, Peru, July 2013]