Welcome to Community Christian Fellowship!


CCF – New Here (2015) from CCFLindale on Vimeo.

Welcome to Community Christian Fellowship. We hope you will join us this Sunday.
15704 Highway 110 Lindale (Garden Valley) Texas 75771 903-882-8501

Sunday Mornings

First Service 8:15am
Refresh Classes 9:45am
Second Service 11:00am

Wednesday Nights

Youth 6:00pm
Awana 6:15pm
Life Groups 7:00pm
*Various Times

Church Hours


You Don’t Have to Get All Gussied Up

new here_get google mapDon’t feel like you have to dress a certain way to fit it.  When you start looking around you will see everything from suits to shorts, dresses to doo rags, and everything in between.  We are more interested in who you are than what you are wearing.  God looks at the heart and that’s good enough for us.


Park on the Grass

If you are new to Texas, it’s okay to park on the grass in a lot of places, and it’s true here.  When you come in the main entrance from Highway 110, just find a nice comfortable chunk of grass on the south side of the building, to park your car on while you come on in and join us.

You can enter in the double glass doors of the main entrance, which is just about the middle of the largest brown building.  As you enter, the worship center is on your right.


Got Questions?

You will be greeted by smiling East Texas faces and receive a warm welcome from folks on the hospitality team who are truly glad to see you.  They will have name badges on, and when you see them, just tell them you are new and they will help you find your way around.   If you have children, they can show you where to drop them off in our Kids’ area, which we call the KidzZone, or you are welcome to keep them with you in the service.CCF Overview Map


You’re Gonna Fit Right in

If you have had time to read Our Story, you will know that we are not your normal church.  We are a non-denominational, international collection of folks at various stages of their journey and you are sure to fit right in.