We Had a Great Time!

2017 MEN’S CONFERENCE – Feel the Burn — ((April 7th-8th))

The CCF Men’s Conference theme this year was “Feel the Burn,” which included four sessions led by speakers Chris Liotta and Stuart Quartemont, from Rivergate Church in Bryan, TX.

The conference is now past, but the memories are still strong.  We stoked the fires of personal revival, and unpacked what it meant to kindle those flames to a roaring blaze.  We want to make men personal outposts of revival, ready to advance the kingdom in the power of purity, passion, and purpose!

Feel the Burn HANDOUT (pdf) :  http://ccflindale.org/sermons/2017/2017-0407-0408-Feel%20the%20Burn.pdf

If you would like copies of these messages, you can ORDER CD’s, just CLICK HERE

Click below to LISTEN to the sessions, each of which the men really enjoyed.

Session 1



Session 2



Session 3



Session 4